Contributing $30 billion each year to the State’s economy, health is the largest and fastest growing source of employment. These resources will provide a deeper understanding of one of Victoria’s key startup strengths and how to leverage the available opportunities.

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The MedTech Actuator

We support the MedTech innovators who are changing the face of healthcare through our MedTech Accelerator program. We know you can’t transform healthcare, deploy killer technology or build an exceptional company by yourself – it takes a great team, industry expertise and usually a lot of money. Our job is to surround you with everything you need: from product design and development to clinical trial, IP, commercialisation strategy and finance experts, so that you can concentrate on smashing it out of the park.

MedTech Actuator
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LaunchVic State of HealthTech in Victoria Report

As confirmed in the recent 2018 Startup Genome Report, Melbourne is one of the most important global health and life sciences ecosystems in the world. Recognising this, LaunchVic commissioned dandolopartners to undertake a review to understand what the challenges and opportunities were to creating the right environment so that our health startups can thrive.

State of HealthTech Report
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Agnes Health Incubator & Co-Working Space

Agnes Health is a health technology incubator and co-working space located in East Melbourne. We are invested in ensuring Health Startups have the necessary access and facilities to grow their business. Our community of like-minded people seeking to transform the future of health. Created by innovators for innovators. Agnes Health offers an affordable option to start and scale health technology business.

Agnes Health
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BioMelbourne Network: HealthTech Reimbursement

Healthcare in the USA is complex. This program, brought to you by BioMelbourne Network with support from LaunchVic, will deliver strategic education sessions to founders and executives of Victorian healthtech startups wanting to develop reimbursement strategies for market entry into the USA.

HealthTech Reimbursement
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Artesian & Decode System Education for HealthTech Investors

Artesian Venture Partners and Decode System are teaming up with some of Australia’s HealthTech leaders to develop and deliver a series of investor education workshops, webinars and community events focused on investing in Victorian HealthTech startups. ​Learn the fundamentals of angel investing, which will provide you with the confidence to make intelligent investment decisions in early stage HealthTech startups.

HealthTech Investor Education
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Medical Device Partnering Program

Supported by LaunchVic, The Medical Device Partnering Program (MDPP) fuels the medical device innovation pipeline. As an ideas incubator, it delivers product prototypes aligned to identified global markets. It takes ideas from companies at all stages of their life cycle and turns them into investable technologies. MDPP has operated for 10 years in the South Australian medical device sector, this funding will allow the expansion of the current program to Victoria.

Medical Device Partnering Program
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The Victorian Health Network Accelerator

The Victorian Health Network Accelerator (VHNx) project is led by Melbourne Health, Potential(x) and the Health Round Table in partnership with Bendigo Health. The project consists of two centrally coordinated hospital accelerator programs: The Melbourne Health Accelerator (MHx) program delivered at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in 2019; and the new Bendigo Health Accelerator (BHx) program, delivered at Bendigo Hospital in 2020.

Melbourne Health Accelerator (MHx)