Melbourne Angels

We are a group of business people, professionals and entrepreneurs who enjoy the personal and financial reward of applying our money, our time, our skills and our networks to high growth businesses.

We welcome a diverse range of investment opportunities with the overriding caveat – it has to make us a lot more money than we invest!

We are based in Melbourne with links to Angel groups across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Asia and Europe. Our investments are actively syndicated in Australia and internationally – always and only with the permission of the company.

We are keen to hear from anyone with a serious interest in Angel Investing, whether you are already part of another Angel community, an experienced investor or serial entrepreneur, or just interested to find out whether what we do fits with what you do/want to be doing


Sector Agnostic

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  • Founded date

    01 January 1970

  • Investment stages

    Pre-seed , Seed , Series A

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