At InvertedPower, we're eliminating cost and technical barriers of ultra-fast charging for EVs.

InvertedPower's capstone technologies include:


Drivetrain integrated charging technology which enables <20min fast onboard charging for most EVs, as well as providing crucial backwards compatibility for Gen3 (800V) to charge from Gen2 (400V) infrastructure (e.g. onboard HPC Boost Charger)


DC ultra-fast charging stations (HPC and OppCharge) with integrated battery storage. This lowers CAPEX by reducing hardware costs and grid connection requirements, whilst simultaneously lowing OPEX through reduction of peak demand fees, load shifting, and energy market opportunities (FCAS, Arbitrage, DR, VPP, etc).

InvertedPower works with Tier1 and OEM partners to deliver efficient and cost effective ultra-fast charging. Contact us to learn about our manufacturing partners, projects, and/or for a demonstration.



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