OMX Solutions

OMX Solutions was established in early 2016 to commercialise a new TMJ Total Joint Replacement System as invented by the company founder, Dr George Dimitroulis.

The company embraced the 3D printing digital revolution, expanding upon its product range beyond the TMJ prosthesis and began to offer a broader range of oral and maxillofacial devices such as Custom Plates, Biomodels, custom surgical Splints and Guides. In addition to these, a brand-new implantable device, the Osseo-Frame™, began to take shape.

Since its inception, the company has rapidly expanded, thanks to government grants and support. OMX currently has over a dozen employees including interns. With the appointment of an experienced new general manager in October 2017, OMX is preparing for further expansion of the company.



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    01 January 2016

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